The Crawford Management System™ Workshop

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The Crawford Management System workshop features Tom Crawford and the system that has made him a highly sought after coach and executive speaker. Tom’s system had been the primary vehicle that has allowed him to turn around six major corporations and build from the ground up, a profitable publicly held personal lines insurance company.

Typical Engagement

Crawford Management System Screenshot - Total Revenue Analysis This intense workshop takes place over two days with the CEO and the leadership team.

  • Day one will include a discussion between the CEO and Tom Crawford at which time Tom will gain the CEO’s perspective and gather information on the team and the state of the company.
  • The afternoon of the first day will center around getting consensus within the leadership team on the company’s mission, vision and company objectives.
  • Day two will continue the work from day one drilling down to the departmental objectives and individual action items needed to accomplish the goals the team collectively agreed upon.
  • The results of the meeting along with the P & L figures from previous years will be entered into the Crawford Management System (CMS) software to produce a tracking system for the goals and action items.
  • The CMS software is provided to every company engaging Tom in this unique workshop.

During the time spent together, Tom will highlight the system and its impact on the Crawford Management System Screenshot - Total Revenue Trendfinancials and operations of an organization. He will demonstrate how culture, environment, communications and training are also positively impacted by implementing the System.

Results you can expect are:

  • Improved operating and financial results
  • A stronger leadership team
  • Improved, more success oriented business culture
  • Open communication channels across all levels
  • Attraction and retention of associates
  • Engaged associates eager to contribute at a higher level

Find out how you can make the Crawford Management System the base management system for your company to help you:

  • Build accountability
  • Set objectives
  • Prepare action plans to support those objectives
  • Measure its success

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